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Here at Futuro Agility Care, we offer 24/7 in-shop and on-site emergency services. What does this mean? It means even if we are closed, we will provide you service.

Our Doctors

Here at Futuro Agility Care, we have list of doctors to serve you according to your need. Book an appointment with us now to avail the services.

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Monday - Saturday                     8.00 - 17.00 Sunday                                          8.00 - 20.00

Home Health Care

Futuroagilitycare offers professional support service allowing a person to live safely in their home. We offer best medical attendant, patient care attendant and home nursing service provider for your health care solution. We work with major hospitals, experienced nurses, doctors, testing centers to improve health outcomes.

Home Nursing

For the well-being of your home and family, Futuroagilitycare empowers you with hospital quality home nursing services. Our highly skilled nursing staff helps with. Our professional home care nursing services include a broad range of care and support services for individuals recovering from a hospital stay, the disabled, etc.

Covid Care

With the risk of infection lurking at the health facilities during the COVID crisis, Futuro Agility Care health care service at doorstep is best suited for working. So far we have provided service to numerous Covid patients and received bookings from many patients. Reach us for more information.

Our Departments

Enquiry now how may we help you? We have team of experienced doctors in our departments to serve you according to your need.


General Physician



Our Services

We care you on priority basis. Our dedicated doctors, nurses, attendant and other staffs always ready to assist you 24×7. 

24/7 Emergency Services

We offer 24/7 in-shop and on-site emergency services. What does this mean? It means even if we are closed, we will provide you service. Enquiry Now!

Home Physio

We provide a protocol-led care plan administered by highly qualified personnel at the convenience of a patient’s home. Enquiry Now!

Modern Lab Test

We guarantee to use integrity, professionalism, and a strong analytical approach in order to satisfy your testing needs. Enquiry Now!

Medical Equipments

Nothing is better for recovery than the comfort of home. Our exhaustive range of medical equipment like advanced homecare ventilators, etc. Enquiry Now!

Nutrition Consultation

Get a nutrition consultation and diet consultation to embark upon a healthy lifestyle. Avail the services of a nutritionist with us. Enquiry Now!

Medical Tourism

Get budget-friendly major medical services at topmost hospitals in the Odisha. Affordable and accessible healthcare. Enquiry Now!

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Recently buy the health package from FAC. Avail the whole body checkup service and got the premium experience, expecting the next level services.

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Experience the excellent doctor consultation through a call on this COVID-19 situation and got the best support from the FAC Doctors.

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